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​​Let it be known, that on September 22, 2016, William Willis and William W. West IV  achieved the rank of First Degree Black Belt in "Traditional Hapkido"
Congratulations William and Bill, job Well Done!
I am Very Proud of You!

Located in Terrapin Business Park (Busy Bodies Gym)
218-G Log Canoe Circle Stevensville, MD 21666

Phone #:  410-643-4003
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Style: Takido

No Contracts!

FREE trial classes provided at all times

Ages:  Kids (age 5 and up)              Adults (all ages)

Our Instructors

With over 150 years of combined training, the black belt instructors of Martial Arts United strive to provide a knowledgeable, fun program that works for the young, old and anyone in between.

Our ratio of black belts, to students is outstanding.​


Monday and Thursday Evenings

Takido is at 6:10 p.m.

Hapkido is at 5:10 p.m.

We have an excellent Black Belt instructor to student ratio


Takido is the combination of several Martial Art styles.

We take the forms from “Tae Kwon Do” The Sparring from “Sho Yu Sha Do” and the Self defense from “Hapkido”.

In today’s Martial Arts people are looking for a lot of diversity.

We have found that fitness, self-defense, confidence, and discipline can be achieved in many ways.

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