My wife of 36 years, Cheryl, and I live in Centreville, Maryland. We have three grown sons and 8 grandchildren. My wife and two of my sons are also blackbelts.

I am a 6th Degree Master Instructor in three martial arts disciplines, Tae Kwon Do, Sho Yu Sha Do and Takido I have also studied Isshinryu and Hapkido.

I am associated with a group of talented martial arts instructors who as one have created a style of desiplain generating from knowledge of several different styles. Together we have developed a diverse and effective training program that we all proudly promote and share with a select group of students. This style is Takido meaning many way’s.

I have studied martial arts for over 35 years and am continually amazed that the learning process never ends.  It keeps me excited about instructing and keeping the arts alive through our student.

John (Butch) Taylor,  born 1954 in Lewes, Delaware.  I am self-employed and have operated my own business since 1993.

John (Butch) Taylor