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These links are provided by Sheya's Traditional Hapkido Association. We thank them for that.

Sheya's Traditional Hapkido East 

This is the school of Master Instructor Doug McKnew.

Taikyoku Budo - Seiya Dojo

This is the school of Instructor Robert Van ValkenburghHapkido: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique - by: Marc Tedeschi

This book is a very good representation of many of the motions practiced in our association. We would like to support the effort Marc Tedeschi put into the making of this excellent book.Hapkido DVD's

These DVDs were made by Joe Sheya, at the request of Black Belt magazine in order to further document the traditional style of Choi, Yong Sul's Hapkido. 

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Video Clips of Traditional Hapkido Motions

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Sheya's Traditional Hapkido, Teaching the Art of Choi Yong Sul

Black Belt Robert Van Valkenburgh  - Taikyoku Budo Seiya Dojo

Wonderful page on Hapkido and other martial arts.

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