He retired from Verizon after 40 years of service.

He is currently the Safety Director for a large Electrical Contracting company, is owner of Hummer Pottery, and part owner of Martial Arts United.

Main interests are Teaching Takido (meaning “Many Branches in The Road” it is a combination of Hapkido, Karate, Tae Kwan Do).
He also teaches “Sheya’s Traditional Hapkido” the art of ” Choi Yong-Sool”.

He is Raiki Master, an avid Golfer, Car and Motorcycle enthusiast.

Paul has been in Martial Arts for over 30 Years. He started in 1985, was promoted to Black Belt in 1989, By Master Tom Fox and continued on to earn a 6th Dan in 2003.  He has studied “Traditional Hapkido” under Grand Master Joe Sheya for 22 Years. He was promoted to 5th. Dan in 2014.

Master Instructor Paul Hummer was born in Washington D.C.

He has been in the Martial Arts for 30 Years. 
He has been in the Martial Arts for over 28 years.

Paul Hummer